Before the digital age, the amount of information was limited by the amount of paper you could print on. Today with the Internet, that amount is limitless.

We live in an age of seemingly infinite possibilities. And because of that unlimited amount of information many business owners are stressed and unhappy. There's just too much. 

I'd like to propose a thought, which is, because of the digital age we are no longer limited in terms of what we can see and read thus we are losing the ability to focus our thoughts.

We need to learn the art of setting limits on our day-to-day business life and base those limits on the things we value most, and decide what's important to us. 

Here are just a few areas we could limit in our business lives to remove stress, create freedom and focus in your business.

1. The kind of work we do
This allows us to become a specialist. It's easier to market ourselves, it gives us a strategic edge over the generalists and we can charge more for our products and services. 

2. The hours we work
Our lives shouldn't be defined by work as there are many other areas in our lives like: our faith, family, friendships and fitness. By limiting a purely work driven life we gain greater perspective and appreciation for other things and stop seeing work as everything.

3. The people we see
Relationships take time and energy to build and if you're always running from one thing to the next you'll never build anything meaningful. Take careful stock of your friendships and map out those who value your time vs. those who just waste it.

4. The information you consume daily
Our days are inundated with meetings to mails. Limiting the times you meet and mail will give you more focus. Try checking mails only 3 times a day and never first thing in the morning as they can distract you from your priorities for the day. The same with meetings, ensure the agenda is clear and the time is limited. 

In closing, if you took careful stock of these key areas in your life, I can almost guarantee that this is what you'll achieve:

1. Your thinking will become more focused and deliberate vs. being reactive and scattered. 

2. You'll start to feel energised instead of being exhausted. 

3. A sense of meaning and purpose will start to emerge in your day-to-day life instead of just going through the motions every day. 

4. You'll gain a sense of freedom in your day, instead of always feeling like you're running from one thing to the next.